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Contacting me
Read this first: Please don't write me mails asking how to contact Michael Jackson or mails for Michael Jackson. I cannot help you in this matter!
As i'm getting very much enquiries, please understand that i cannot answer all mails! Thank you! TODO: Add contactform

My life in fast forward
You've made it! You're on the page with my personal information. My name is Michael Weissenbacher (my self-chosen name is Michael White) and i live in Villach / Carinthia / Austria. I was born on the 21st october of 1978. I'm a bit of a computer freak and also a really big Michael Jackson Fan (as you can see on my site). I'm studying "Informatik", that's computer science, in "Klagenfurt". "Studying is not enough" is my quote and that's why I'm also working, at an internet provider called Net4You, where I'm programming Java Servlets.
Before that I attended the HTL (a higher technical school for computers) here in Villach where i graduated in 1998. Before the HTL i went to the "Perau Gymnasium", a grammar school.
I've been in Villach my whole life and i like it here.

I love listening to music. I surely do to Michael Jackson but also others: Aimee Mann (Movie: Magnolia!!), Janet Jackson, Joe Cocker, Elton John, Bon Jovi, Rainhard Fendrich, Alan Parsons Project, STS, Grönemeyer, ... I also love the music from the Top 40 but the only one that never gets boring is the true King of Pop, Rock and Soul: Michael Joseph Jackson.

I'm also a very good dancer. I've made the gold needle of dancing in Austira. There is only the gold star needle that's better than that. That doesn't mean that i dance at competetions but i've made dance tests in to get these needles. So if it comes to dancing: ask me.

Another hobby of me is doing films. You can visit our Film Site if you're interested (in German). I'm mostly involved as the technical director, audio specialist, for visual effects, for cutting and so on.

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