Elie - Michael Jackson Tribute Artist

On Impersonating Michael Jackson

1991 was when I first started listening to music, Michael Jackson's music is unique and I was hooked

on it 24/7. I never got hold of the dancing till a later stage in my life, in college I met a lot of people

 who used to impersonate MJ however, they were not doing a great job at it and that irritated me

 therefore I started teaching myself slowly with time, I never took it seriously till date however I tried

 with time to learn all the moves and perfect them. I am not a professional dancer and never practice

 because I don't have the luxury time, I have a full time job and I depend on each of my

 performances to be my training session and learning curve, I do this out of passion and love!

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Videos of Elie Performing

Wanna Be Startin Something (Haiti Fund Raiser Concert - Feb 2010)

Dangerous (Michael Jackson Tribute Concert in Dubai)

Billie Jean (Michael Jackson Tribute Concert In Dubai) Part 2

Billie Jean (Michael Jackson Tribute Concert In Dubai) Part 3

Billie Jean Intro (Pro Footage 2008)

Billie Jean Complete Performance 2008

Billie Jean & Dangerous 2002 (Elie's First Solo Performance)

About Myself

I am a Lebanese fan of Michael Jackson, born and brought up in Dubai; I have been a fan of

MJ since the Dangerous Album was released. In 2005 I was lucky enough to meet Michael Jackson in

 Dubai at Mall of the Emirates were I used to work, the mall was the hype of the city, very famous

 about it's indoor Ski slope which Michael wanted to see along with the children and Chris Tucker who

 was escorting Michael Jackson; a shock for me to see the gloved one, I am not sure if it was reality,

 fact or fiction to date however a day I will never forget. Michael was very down to earth, sharp and full

 of respect. I am thankful I got the chance to meet him in person, and words can't describe my

 feelings after his death, may he rest in peace, he will always have a special place in my heart.

With love......The King Of Pop lives forever